Strategy and Change Management

Strategy & Change management is a specific field in Organizational Management. It is my area of interest which I will have the pleasure to describe in more details in future posts.  Change is constant in organizational life and the main goal of strategy and change management is to implement successful change in organizations.  The term “change management” covers a wide array of implicit subjects and the term strategy relates to “ a detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry, or sport, or the skill of planning for such situations” (Cambridge Dictionaries online, 2013). In order to introduce this strategy and change management I will try to answer three common questions: why change? , how to change? and How to evaluate the success of the change? Those three questions help understand the change process.

The reasons for change are various. It can be necessary when the external conditions are evolving. For example, the downturn of the economy can make an organization review its development strategy. The willingness to change can also come from internal desire to improve efficiency. It is important to analyze the needs of change before starting the change process. The deciders have to determine what positive and negative impacts a change could have. The positive impacts have to overcome the negative risks.
Once the organization has decided to change it is interesting to see how the changes can be implemented. An organization’s members can participate in the change process. Or organizations will employ external consultants, to facilitate the change process, when their employees do not have the expertise in the specific field for the change. The change can impact one department or the whole organization, but the size of population impacted will influence the type of communication implemented.

In order to evaluate the success of a change it is important to return to the initial reason for the change. Was the goal to improve efficiency, revenue, wellbeing…? The organization has to develop a metric system to measure the evolution. It is easy to measure revenue or efficiency, but it may be more difficult to evaluate an employee’s wellbeing. It is important to define those indices and keep them in mind while developing the change process. 

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