How to generate Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the combination of several things. As mentioned in an earlier post engaged employees feel safe, available and have a sense of meaningfulness. The manager’s role is to foster those feelings by behaving in certain ways.

I decided to make a list of behaviors that foster employee engagement as well as behaviors that hinder it. Some points may seem obvious to you which is very good for your employees. You may also discover something new that you would like to implement in your team or organization.

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Some situations can lead to behaviors that belong to the “don’ts” list. No one is perfect and can make mistakes but it is vital for organizations to avoid repetition of such behaviors. It is important to understand what emotions or events triggered those behaviors and to try to prevent them. There are different levels of prevention: organization level, department/team level and individual level. In my opinion, organizations should try to foster employee engagement by encouraging positive behaviors.

Unfortunately, very few efforts are made to emphasize the importance of human emotions and psychology in schools. People are taught how to create a strategy, resolve a case and so on but they are not taught ways to better deal with each other. Organizations suffer from this lack of awareness and they can do much better by considering the emotional and psychological involvement of their employees. People don’t dismiss their emotions when they work, they feel them.

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