What makes a good leader?

The question of leadership has been studied again and again. The research community tried to determine what aspect of a person makes him a leader. It really depends on what you call a leader. In my opinion, a leader is a person who has goal in mind, an ideal, a perfect state that he wants to achieve. The leader will have the energy to persuade others that his vision is worth it. A leader is like the locomotive of a train that moves forward while building the rails for the Wagons behind him. The rails are the support of the leader’s vision. They represent his ideas through a mission statement, values, culture and so one. The Leader has connection with particular person that will transfer the message to others; they can be called messengers. Those messengers become leader themselves as they convey the leader’s vision. The image bellow illustrates well my idea.

What are the universal characteristics of a good leader?

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Studies: GLOBE showed that a good leader has four basic universally accepted personality aspects: integrity, charisma, team-orientation, and excellence orientation. A bad leader in opposition will lack at least one of those characteristic. A leader could have all personality aspects expect integrity. Followers will know they cannot count on their leader to take fair decisions.
There are as many leaders as they are people on earth. We all are at some extent a leader for someone. The only difference between people is the impact of their leadership on the world around them.
Do you think that the personality aspects describe in the study GLOBE can be trained, learned or are innate.

Is there something within us that make us good leaders or our life experience transformed us to become a leader? I would guess that our leadership is a mix between learned behaviors and innate states.

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