The Change Diagnostic Index© - Developing the right change strategy

I had the chance to participate to classes lead by Dr. Victoria Grady who teaches at the Department of Organizational Science within the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University. Her work in the field of change management is fascinating as it takes into account the individual reaction to solve organizations change management issues.

In my post Resistance to change – What if we were all wrong? I mentioned the Change Diagnostic Index© which is a quantitative individual assessment tool that measures people reactions when facing change. It allows certified consultants to tailor a unique change management strategy with the following steps:

People's reactions to change can be anticipated and classified in six different symptoms. Those individual symptoms are transferred to the organization level. They vary in intensity for each individual and organization which made it difficult so far to develop a change management strategy. The Change Diagnostic Index© gives certified consultants the keys to develop a personalized change management strategy. The table bellow shows strategies that help reducing the  six symptoms.

The Change Diagnostic Index© is a powerful tool that has already helped organizations to strive during their change initiative. Its quantitative data fosters the comprehension of the organizations reaction to change while developing specific strategies that fit the organization needs. The 70% change management failures could probably be avoided if we took the time to support our employees by identifying their symptoms and giving them the right support.  

For more specific information on the Change Diagnostic Index© I invite you to visit the following website

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