Few ways to use Creativity to solve organizations issues

When you think of creativity the first ideas that may come to your mind are creations from artists like singers, painters or dancers. However, we know that creativity is not shrinked to artistic work. Creativity in organizations can help solve issues, improve processes and change the status quo. It can also give birth to your marketing campaign, customer relationships and employee engagement. The good news is that creativity can be used everywhere by anyone!

So stop the thinking you can't and go for it! Be creative. It doesn't mean you will become Picasso, Elvis Presley or Marlon Brando but you will have the pleasure to say: "I did something that no one else did!"

Most of the "creations" were found by people who had questions to answer. They used their imagination to solve mathematical issues, physics problems or improve situations. Those moments of creativity can also be totally accidental. How many scientists tackled difficult problems while doing something not related to their work?

You can organize some "creativity time" or just follow your intuition when the muse of innovation comes your way. Your ideas may look weird, impossible or just crazy but we would have never had the cinema, the planes and other technologies if some of us were not ready to imagine and create new realities. So go for it and create!

How can you be creative? 

This may be your next question and I can hear your internal voice say: "I am not creative", "I was never good at painting, poetry..." but I want to reassure you. You can be creative. In fact,  you are equipped with all the necessary updates: a brain that can imagine. You just need to find your own way of expressing your creativity. Some of us get creative by walking, admiring the world around them, painting, singing, sleeping...

I have the chance to know professional artists with whom I participate to creativity workshops. We would simply seat down with a big piece of paper and color pens. While "drawing" we would discuss about different topics and just let our creativity express itself. We laugh a lot and had sometimes ideas comes to our mind and help us to solve particular issues. You should not expect to find solutions every time you plan a creativity workshop but it will help you be more and more at ease with your creativity process.

How can you implement that in your team? 

First, make sure your team feels comfortable with a creativity workshop. The last thing you want is to block your employees.

  1. You should start by defining the issues you are trying to solve and make it clear in the group.
  2. The material you will provide will depend on the type of workshop you want to implement. You can have an improvisation workshop or a painting one. You have the choice.
  3. Encourage your employee t think out of the box by using sentences like: "What if...?" "What kind of revolutionary technology or process could solve our issue?"
  4. Share all idea. It is possible that they highlight another type of issue not discussed at the beginning. You may discover the existence of a bug in your system that was not visible before.
  5. Mix all potential solutions to create one that could be applied. 
All in all, creativity is a personal process that can be developed and used to solve issues in a brand new way.

Have your organization found another way to be creative? Share your experience with us!

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