The power of Motivation groups!

New year's eve is not that far behind us but how many of us did not keep up with their resolutions or even worth did not even start? Motivating oneself to do something that benefits our health, education, and self-improvement can be hard. In order to start something new, you have to create a new habit. This is overwhelming for most of us.

I wanted to write a blog for a long time but always had something else to do. I found many reasons not to start. I could even say that I was an expert at avoiding action but I really wanted to write. What was wrong with me? I had a look in the mirror and knew that I did not keep myself accountable. What was your excuse to not take action?

I spoke with friends about my desire to write a blog and was surprised that they faced the same problem as me. Going from the project to the actual realization is a complex process. After few discussions, we gave birth to a motivation group. We met several times a week in order to discuss about our blogs and create an action plan. I can only praise motivation groups and here are the reasons why:

We met over a period of six months and every project grew into something unexpected. We all came from different backgrounds and with different interests but with the same goal: to go further than day dream about a potential blog, interviews series, or research development. I learned about the history of feminism, the anti-aging researches, the multiple use of statistics. I would have never discovered that otherwise.

I encourage you to establish your own motivation group or to find an existing one to achieve your goal. In a motivation group you can:

  • Learn a new language (French, HTML...)
  • Learn a new skill (Dance, Cook, knit, woodwork...)
  • Improve your current knowledge and skills
  • ...

Maybe you already looked for a group or an association but were not satisfied by the results. In this case, why don't you create your own group? If you want to start this adventure you could do it like this:

In a motivation group you do not only achieve your goal. You develop friendships with people who share the same dreams and desires as you. I also created a German motivation group in order to improve my German. Each member brings something to our efforts. Some of us are more comfortable with grammar rules, while other have no problem with pronunciation. We share our discovery, histories and get motivated for more.

Maybe, the only thing that defaults you to achieve your goal is a group where you can experiment and exchange. A group that make the journey much more interesting and lively. 


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