Silence: Leader learning!

We are all in some kind of way leaders but the impact of our decisions is not always the same. A decision made by Larry Page impacts much more people than the CEO of a medium size company. The scale of the impact can also vary depending on the change it implies. We have a tendency to believe that people at the top of organization are supermen/women of businesses. They are able to see further than others and anticipate some changes that seem unpredictable.

There is no magic in being or becoming a "great" leader. Some leaders are followed by so many that we try to understand what makes them so special. It is a complex question that cannot be elucidated in one blog-post. We face different issues answered with different theories when trying to elucidate the Leadership Power: Does it come from personality traits, behavior, life experience, chance? I have a tendency to believe that it is a mix of all theories that exist out there. You have to get a chance to lead which may come from the way you already behave which is possibly linked to your early life experience that helped you form your personality. I would guess that with time research will have enough data to prove that nothing really predicts who is going to be a great leader but more how can anyone become one.

Furthermore, we sometime believe that there is a leadership talent that only few have. Imagine if we were wrong and that becoming a great leader was possible to anyone willing to put in the hard work. The question is more: Are you willing to work harder in order to get better? and all that just for the sake of improving yourself. You may never become Bill Gates or any other well-known Leader. On the other hand, you will positively impact the life of your followers. Is it worth it? yes, of course!

In the last few weeks, I read different books and article about learning and leadership. I have now the conviction that we can learn anything, even to become a better leader or improve an organization processes. You have to be willing to learn, to challenge your assumptions, to work harder than before and to look for improvement.

Here is a sum-up about learning:

  • Have a learning mindset like Dr. Dweck explains it in her book "Mindset the new psychology of success" 
  • See "failures" as indication of learning needs. e.g. Can't communicate clearly. Learn what good communication is and practice.
  • Find your purpose, find your fuel.
  • Focus Practice on improving specific skills 
  • Break the skill into smaller pieces
  • Learn the whole skill piece by piece 
  • Find a mentor, someone ahead of you who can show you the way.
  • Never give up

To become a better leaders you have to put in the hard work and be ready to expand your knowledge and experiences in order to achieve your goal. You are a learner even if you do not realize it. When you will face a difficult situation . Do not give up or stay with a fixed mindset. Be ready to accept to learn and grow. The question is are you ready to grow? Are you willing to see the world differently with more shades of grey and not as black or white?

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