Change Management is obsolete

Change Management is failing

Change management is an attempt to control change, to make it logical and mechanical. I have studied change management and most of the models that exist out there to explain it. I see change management as a kind attempt to ease the process of change in a world framed by control and top-down hierarchy. When change management fails we explain it with the similar reasons: bad communication, failing top down implementation. Change management is sometimes a coercive attempt to make things happen.

I was always puzzled and fascinated by change management theory and practice. Companies try to manage change when most of the time it those attempts fails. 

Why is change management failing? 

Based on my observation the change attempts are failing because:

  • People impacted by the change are not involved in the decisions
  • People deciding and planning the change are not connected to the practicality of the change
  • Change cannot be "managed" or planned 
  • Opportunities and threats will vary over time 
  • Managers think saying = doing
  • Employees are the last informed of the change and must implement it 
Most of us are conscious of those issues but a lack of alternative drives us back to the change management track.

What should we do then? 

What other options do we have? as Einstein once said: "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it". Which means we cannot solve the change management issue with more change management. We need to go somewhere else. Some organisations have consciously decided to act from a different paradigm & mindset. One where each individual:

  • Identify necessary changes and use the advice process to decide wether to act or not
  • Suggest improvements & put them in place
  • contact experts within and outside the company to inform their decision 
  • Size opportunities 
  • is consulted when the company is endangered. (e.g. A company lost a client that brings 60% of the revenue. The question is asked to all: What should we do? A vote may be held to take a decision or individuals may take action using the advice process as a guide.
I invite you to try this out with a small change decision first and see how it goes. Tell me how it went in the comments and tag me. I will be more than happy to exchange with you on this topic. 

if you think someone in your business contact needs to know about it, share this post with them. I am sure they will appreciate it as much as I will. 

Change Management is dead, long live self-management

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