10 reasons why humanist companies are more profitable

Yes, it is possible 

The biggest problem we have these days is that we believe that profit and humanism are in opposition. We cannot conceive that a company can be profitable and at the same time "humanist / humanistic". I want to go even further and say that we see profit as something negative and in contradiction with the human values.

What is a humanistic enterprise?

Everyone has an answer to this question and sometimes it is the hippie vision where no one really works, where profit is not important or smoking grass is cool. In fact, a new trend is raising. Where the employee is accountable and respected. That is my definition:

A humanist company ensures that its employees are autonomous, respected, listened and effective to achieve the corporate vision.

Employees are trustworthy, able to make decisions alone, are unique and irreplaceable and can work without supervision.

But another question remains unanswered:

What is profit?

Profit refers to the gains that a person or company can make by selling services or products. Profit is therefore the result of an exchange and can have several forms: material (money, object ...) or intangible (knowledge, experience). Why then so much hatred?

Profit is demonized because it represents the inequalities and the lack of sharing in company.
People receive more or less from the profit depending on their level in the hierarchy. The interdependence and importance of each role what ever its "level" is simply ignored. The issue with such a mindset is that if a role disappears or is not well fulfilled the whole process breaks down and the a company end up in difficulty.

Profit increased by humanism?

And yes to be human at work, pays out! And I provoke you on purpose. I want to see you jump out of your chair, shrug your shoulders, lift your eyes to the sky because even if you can not conceive it now. Being human is more profitable because:

  1. Sharing responsibilities strengthen the accountability 
  2. Sharing Power brings more power
  3. Bases its strength on the one of employees and their union
  4. Helps its employees develop what in return grows the business
  5. Resolves conflicts instead of ignore them
  6. Becomes change
  7. Allows creative and constructive collaboration
  8. Encourages individual initiative
  9. Releases the structures of their immobilities
  10. Seize all the opportunities and learn from its mistakes
  11. Recognizes and addresses challenges


Yes, a company can make profit and at the same time be humanist. You know it in your heart. If living and working conditions are good and aligned with your personal vision & purpose you are more effective than when conditions are bad. Let's change the conditions, improve lives and profit as well.

Aren't you fed up? If so tell me why in a comment;) Thanks

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