Why would someone want to work with me?

I have asked myself this questions many times and I am almost sure you asked yourself the same question or a similar one. Here are my thoughts about it. I am not sure how long this text could become so bear with me.

There are several aspects to consider when thinking about the reasons why people may want to work with you: your experience & expertise, your hard skills, your soft skills and the person you are and other things we tend to forget. 

Your experience & expertise

In a business world where we want to control everything which is insane when you think about it. People will take decisions based on your resume or Linkedin or social profiles. This is the reason why many of us take time to polish those profiles. We all know that it may be the first thing that people see about us. What do they say about us? Where are people finding us and how? 

Those are vitrines where we expose our experience and expertise. This is where the words we use can have a huge impact on how we are found and perceived. This the moment you should wonder: Should I use my own voice there or figure out which voice people expect from a person in my field, with my experience? I have struggled a bit with this question. I finally figured out that the best was to be me. I share articles that brought me something or made me think deeper. 

Maybe people meet you at work and the way you work with them will influence how they see your expertise. Unless your work results do not meet people expectation. You should be able to show your expertise and gain the experience that reassure the control freaks.  

Your hard skills

We all have developed hard skills that we use daily to perform our work. Some of us learn how to master Powerpoint and excel while others learned to code. The awesome thing about hard skills is that you can pass exams, obtain certification or just prove it by doing it. 

We can learn almost anything as long as we want it. This is why I always questions my desires before learning any new hard skills. I love to learn and can become totally fascinated and "obsessed" by it. When I learned german, I had no clue what so ever what was coming up to me. I was so dedicated and decided to learn German as fast as I could humanly do that I would spend any free time learning new words, digging deeper and deeper in the grammatical rules that made sometimes no sense to my French mind (why on earth would you have der, die das? well you can ask me why on earth do you french people avec il and elle??) 

Your soft skills 

Soft skills on the other hand are those things you cannot really measure. You have them or not but as there are skills you can also learn them. You soft skills may be your capacity to connect with other people. Your leadership, your way of listening, your capacity to welcome the other person with empathy. You can meditate to become more in touch with your emotions and your body or you can perform a sport that you love. We need to connect to who we are in order to allow our soft skills to develop. Self-development comes from a desire to grow to become the person we really are without the conditioning of the society. 

I sometimes wonder what would be the world if one morning we would all wake up with no memory of our past. Would there still be war if we were truly in the present? Would there still be racism and sexism or an -ism that exists? Probably not because all that is grounded in our EGO who is attached to the past or the future but not with the present...

The person you are 

The person that you are is unique, exceptional and here to learn and grow. You were born somewhere in a specific family and you went through different stages and experiences in life. You took decision (consciously or not) to go after thing to pursue a goal. Are those goals yours or those of others? Are you where you wanted to be or somewhere you never expected? 

All those experiences shaped the way you interact with life. All those experience created your mental model or the way you are interpreting the world. This is the reason why I cannot hate a racist or a sexist person. I know they went through life with particular glasses that made them create a wall between then and the others. I know they are not aware that we are all from the same race. I know they are disconnected with self-love. When you love yourself fully and learn how to be compassionate with yourself then you cannot hat others. When you attack someone or feel attacked you are just saying violently to the world: "Please, fulfill my needs". 

Trying to connect with your needs makes you a more awake person, a more peaceful person, more human. The person that you are went through many things in life and you have the choice today to be or become the one you truly are. You have the possibility to love yourself in order to love others... 

Other things we tend to forget

We tend to forget that humans survived so far because of our capacity to create and to learn. We have potential. We have the capacity to improve the world around you by improving yourself. You can change your life, your questions, your habits, your thoughts. You can transform like the caterpillar. 

So why people will work with me? 

They will work with you because you bring them something (experience, skills, personality, world vision) that they need to go further. The will work with you for who you are. They will decided to cooperate with you for achieving their goals that may be also yours. You will work with me if my words resonates with you not because I am a super expert in something: who is really? We will work together because we vibrate the same way because we connect because we are in alignment. Business has a tendency to separate spirituality and work but I thinkg that spirituality is work and work is spirituality. I want to express myself in fully by doing what I do best: listening, analysing, understanding, asking questions, guiding without giving the direction, allowing you to find your solution not mine. 

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